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Track Day 2 Mamone (Bitti) - Oliena

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The second day, the trail leaves Ertila holiday farm, taking a sharp climb, back on the same dirt road from Crastazza, up to the gate from where we entered the farm the day before. At the farm gate, turns to the left onto the dirt road that passes under the Punta su Pessiche peak. Descending, after a couple of hairpin bends, the dirt road takes a right turn just before merging the highway, immediately after, the dirt road becomes a technical downhill along the beautiful valley that leads to the river Tirso spring.

After a section through a beautiful forest of oak, the trail turns to the left onto an old country road surrounded by stone walls, then becomes an asphalted road, merging with the SS. 389 Bitti-Lula, which You will follow taking the direction to Bitti, at the tres buccas bridge .





                                                    Ertila, Mamone. View from the farm.

After four miles, the trail crosses the SS389 and then goes left to Bitti until passing the San Giuseppe roadman's house, near the rural church, after a few meters turns right on a dirt road about to be paved. We are right on the Bitti's Plateau, a flat land dotted by rare trees bent by the Mistral, pastures as far as the eye can see. We ride our bikes on this road, now paved, a sort of ringway  around Bitti village, up to the SS389, where we follow the directions to the village of Orune. After less than a mile the trail takes a narrow secondary track on the left, which heads towards the location Funtana de Oliana. ( Oliena's fountain).  

We are on the southern edge of the vast plateau near the top named Fruncu sa Crapa(Goat's peak), the landscape in front reveals to us the valley of rio Isalle, starting from your left is Monte Albo of Lula, then Mount Ortobene and behind his peak stays the dolomitic candid limestone of  Mount Corrasi. The dirt track now continues on a long descent cuttting across  the valleys between Orune and Bitti until it gets to the sacred well of SuTempiesu,which definitely deserves a visit.


                                  Vallate tra Bitti ed Orune

                                    Valley between Bitti ed Orune, viewed from Funtana de Oliana.  

At the bottom of the hill, at the crossing, a little detour to the left takes to the Well of Su Tempiesu, otherwise goes straight ahead, over the steep climb to  Punta Budulio. Then, after a fold, we are just above the valley of the Rio Isalle that we will reach riding a technical and superfast downhill. We cross the river Isalle through the Marreri Bridge and then we follow the paved road on the side of Mount Ortobene up to the pass of Ianna e s'ozzastru.  

From Ianna e S'ozzastru (wild olive's tree pass), departs a technical downhill mule track, about 2 km. long,  facing the vast scenic valley between Oliena and Mount Corrasi.  

We are about to reach Oliena whose view will be before us until our arrival at the village..  

 After a crossing the main road to Oliena, our trail  narrow continues on a steep descent, now paved, enclosed by stone walls, until joining the main road. After a bridge there is one more steady climb left. It is the last climb, not very steep but still harsh until the end, making, even this apparently easy day, more challenging.  

                                    Il rituale del fine tappa

                                     End of day ritual at the hotel Cikappa's cafe'            

After two days spent deserted remote areas, you will finally spend a night in a village, those willing to, may take a stroll through the historic center of Oliena, where they will be able to buy needed supplies at the various shops. Hotel CiKappa has a parking area for mountain biking, where you can also wash them and spend some time doing  the overdue maintenance.

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