Transardinia, in mountain bike sul Gennargentu

Finally, the gps files!

So many people have asked for them. For several reasons we decided that was better to wait. First of all, because of land access rights. They aren't always granted. In many cases we have been introduced to the landlords and we had received permission to cross their land.  Those were different times, I am sure that they wouldn't be happy to see a continous flow of bikers crossing their property every day.

Secondly because in some remote areas, even with the help of the gps, the harshness of the trail, together with the constant possibillity of confusing paths, makes the support of a guide highly recommended. This is especially true in day 3, while crossing the remote and wild areas of Supramonte and in day 4 if weather in Gennargentu gets marginal.. 

We did not like the feeling that somebody could have gotten lost or injured in the backcountry. So we worked on the issue, exploring other areas, different trails, testing by ourselves the ciclability ot these diversions . Now the work is done and the gps tracks files are available. The updates regard mostly stages 3-4-5. The new itinerary is slightly different, more fluid, fast and less technical, but in no way less interesting and beautiful. The ones that have already ridden the Transardinia trail will surely enjoy the new Cedrino river diversion, or the Ogliastrine variant of the Gennargentu stage, that flows across the territories of Urzulei, Talana, Villanova Strisaili, Arzana and Osini- Ulassai . Infact, these trails will satisfy even the most demanding bikers.

That's right, the outcome of many years of fatiguing and passionate exploration is now at everybody's hand. We are proud of our work, enjoy it, but don't forget to respect the basic IMBA rules. 

Respect the trails and don't leave any sign of your passage. Out in the range, leave any gate exactly as you have found it , whether it was open or closed.

Crossing private land, is usuallly allowed, same for the crossing of regional parks, but don't forget that is good habit to pay a visit to the land owner or to local rangers to kindly ask for it.

The published gps files are easy to follow, and the trails were recently tested, we will try our best to publish every relevant update that may affect the ciclability of the tracks.


Riding the Transardinia without the help of professional guides and a support vehicle necessitates an above average fitness level, good technical skills and the right attitude to face potentially risky situations and overcome them. We will not be held  responsible for any damage or injure that may follow, from the utilization or misuse thereof.


Buona Transardinia.

Giorgio Pupillo

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