Transardinia, in mountain bike sul Gennargentu

Transardinia Day 3.

51 kilometers from Oliena to Orgosolo. 


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This is the toughest day, but it's also the best one. The ascent along the rocky singletracks, built over Supramonte sheer cliff, seems neverending, but once you have conquered the peak of Punta Solitta, the amazing view over the valley pays you back. Once you have gotten past the Supramonte border, you feel a sense of wild inhospitality, a possessive fascination that makes  you wiling to accept the challenge in an enviroment of such harsh beauty.

You will challenge the legendary Supramonte limestone riding on "state of the art" mountain bikes pushed to their limits. Rock gardens, singletracks carved on  sharp rock, get increasingly technical and, sometimes it is just safer to get off the bike and walk a few meters, taking your time to take a peek at the huge crater of Su Suercone or to visit ancient folds like Cuile Pistoccu, Taletto and Ata Bianca. At the end of an hairy singletrack, we reach the vast carsic plateau called Campu Donan√¨goro.Shepherds of nearby villages fought for centuries for these good pastures.  Here, if you are silent enough you will have good chances to admire local  wildlife, like, eagles, wild boars and muflons.

As you keep riding your mountain bikes on this amazing trails, you will get more confident, while riding your enchanted eyes will stare at the abyss of Su Gorroppu Canyon. Your bike will start floating with tempo over candid limestone rocks, crossing archeologycal sites of Nuraghe Mereu and places with curious names: Campu su Mudrecu, Scandalittu, Ianna Filae. You will finish this ride  on an fast downhill  trough the woods of  Funtana Bona forest .

At the "Ai monti del Gennargentu Hotel" , The owner,  Maria Giovanna alleviates  the day's suffering with  the best "barbaricine" traditional cuisine. After dinner there's still some time left for a pleasurable little chat by the fireplace, before hitting the bed. 

Maximizing rest is a good idea, There aren't long breaks during Transardinia, tomorrow high peaks of Gennargentu will be waiting for you.  

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Supramonte "on the rocks".


The doline of Su Suercone.Supramonte