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Transardinia day 2.

56 kilometers from Mamone to Oliena. 

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The trail weaves up and down the plateau through the most beautiful oak forest of Sardinia, then it cuts trough the property of a shepherd.

The first time we stopped our mountain bikes to greet him, it was raining hard and he invited us to get inside his fold to warm our bones near the fireplace. How can we refuse such an offer? We can still remember the unique taste of fresh homemade ricotta cheese, pecorino cheese, and sausage, folllowed by several glasses of robust red wine!

The second part of the trail is a superfast downhill facing the scenery of deep and arid Orune valleys. Just at the end of the descent there is  the 1 km singletrack that takes to the nuragic sacred well of Su Tempiesu, hidden at the bottom of the valley. The third part of the trail offers some great, technical downhill. There are open, exposed areas, with great views of the valley, fast narrow twisty singletrack, a couple of spooky drops and a fast and technical double track.

The trail cuts through Dorgali vineyards, cross the Marreri bridge, climbs up to the pass of "Ianna e'S'ozzastru", from there you can enjoy great views over the Oliena village and the candid limestone of Mount Corrasi. After arriving at the hotel Cikappa in Oliena, we will still have some time left for the overdue mountain bike maintenance and for a pleasant stroll along the narrow streets of this lovely and traditional village. After two whole days spent away from civilization Oliena is the perfect place to replenish our depleted energies and get ready for the difficult Supramonte crossing.

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