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Transardinia Day 4.

Fifty kilometers from Orgosolo to Desulo.


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After the little warm-up on the paved road that takes to Funtana Bona, we ride a scenic trail around Monte Novo San Giovanni and Monte Genziana. From there we enjoy a pleasurable descent along the Is Eras valley slowing down just to avoid running over the ever-present herds of sheeps, cows and goats.

At the end of this descent starts the longest climb of Transardinia, a long ascent from 800 up to 1829 meters all at once. The weather conditions at this heights are often extreme. Fatigue and cold keep everybody silent: the most important matter here is challenging yourself and making it to the top. During this neverending climb, frozen and beaten up by the winds, your mind stops thinking, hypnotized by the mantra of your own breathing, your mountain bike feeling heavier and heavier. Strong emotions will be waiting for you: the sight of free-range horses, a fast herd of muflons jumping over rocks, an eagle's elegant flight, the intense flavours of mountain herbs, the colours of the sky, the boundless view from the island of Corsica to the gulf of Cagliari. On Gennargentu south face, a sweeping and  technical singletrack wil take you to the ancient Is Meriagos folds. This willbe  the best downhill of the whole Transardinia: hairy rocky sections, steep drops and adrenaline rushes for the hard-core mountain biker are guaranteed It doesn't take much to get to agriturismo Gìrgini, completely surrounded by forest. Cuisine there is strictly traditional and hypercaloric: sushi can wait.


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